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6 Competencies of Effective Boards (Exclusive Use Resource)

Board Governance

2016 Symposium for Women in Nonprofit Leadership Tips

6 Competencies of Effective Boards (Exclusive Use Resource)

A Dozen Questions about Board Oversight

Appreciative Board Interview Questions

Board Development Best Practices

Board Member Self-Assessment Tool (Exclusive Use Resource)

Board Self-Assessment Worksheet

Board, Staff Roles and Responsibilites Quiz (Exclusive Use Resource)

Board Recruitment (Exclusive Use Resource)

Board's Role in Fundraising

Board Weather Report Activity

Candid Conversations about Board Governance Tip Sheet

Case Study: A Nonprofit's Financial Crisis and an Accountability Turnaround

Case Study: Founders Syndrome and Board Recruiting Best Practices

Executive Committees and Executive Sessions

Hot Button Seating Chart: Critical Meeting Preparations

Mission Focused Board Agenda Template

More Leadership Tips from the Symposium for Women in Nonprofit Leadership

New Board Member Orientation Check List

Nonprofit Organizational Balance Wheel

Nonprofit Success - Four Critical Factors

Questions Prospective Board Members Should Ask

Recruiting an Effective Board of Directors

Relationship Based Fundraising for Boards

Resource Development and the Board (Exclusive Use Resource)

Stand for Your Mission, The Power of Board Advocacy: A Discussion Guide for Boards

Strategic Fundraising Plan : The Board's Role

Thought Leaders and Board Tips

Marketing and Communications

5 Steps to Sucessful Marketing (Exclusive Use Resource)

Building a Strategic Marketing and Communications Plan

Communicating Change Tool

Funnel Marketing Approach for Nonprofits

Introduction to Social Media for Nonprofits Recorded Webinar and Related Material

Marketing Committee Sample Job Description (Exclusive Use Resource)

Social Media Key Messages Worksheet

Targeted Marketing Plan Sample


30 Suggested Resources for Nonprofits

Can Nonprofits Lobby or Advocate?

Helpful Links for Nonprofits

Overhead as Core Mission Support

Resource and Fundraising Development

Charitable Solicitation Compliance Guide (External Link, National Council of Nonprofits)

Help for Beginning Grant Writers - Make Your Life Easier with These Suggestions

Proposal Writing Tips

Resource Devleopment Committee Job Description

Resource Development Committee Role (Exclusive Use Resource)

Special Events Planning

Staff and Volunteer Development

11 Commandments of Wildly Successful Women

Best Professional Development Advice for Nonprofit Careers

Decision-Making Style Stretching Tool

Exit Interview Checklist (Exclusive Use Resource)

Facilitator's Roles

Internal Communication and Conversational Resolution

Sample Volunteer Job Description - Office Assistant

Sample Organizational Volunteering Policy - Health Care Example

Teamwork Tips and Trends

Volunteer Bill of Rights

Volunteer Leader Training Manual

Volunteer Processes Evaluation Tool

Strategic Planning

Accountability Chart Sample and Template

Assessment of Strategic Plan (Exclusive Use Resource)

Basic Organizational Assessment (Exclusive Use Resource)

Big Picture Thinking: Blue Sky Committee Activity

Community Input - A First Step in Strategic Planning

Elements of a Strategic Plan

Generative Thinking: Incorporating Strategic Thought into Board Meetings

Next Steps in Strategic Planning

Strategic Plan Template